Building a virtual company: lessons learned

1 Define your recruitment process

Whether you are interviewing as a Frontend Engineer in Lisbon, a Brand Executive in Dubai or an Operations Manager in Kuwait, our process is streamlined to offer candidates an inclusive experience where they get to meet various personalities from the business. After an introduction call with one of our PX Specialists, we invite candidates to deep dive with senior Tamanna members to discuss the candidates experience and the actual position. Candidates have the opportunity to display their expertise in a take home assignment or by presenting some of their portfolio in order to give stakeholders an understanding of their methodologies and thought processes. This step is often completed in the form of an open panel discussion where the relevant business stream leads will attend and again involves as many parties as possible so that candidate get a better feel for Tamanna and we get different insights into the candidate’s mindset. The process is thorough, efficient and empowers both the candidate and the business to make the best decision possible.

2 Ensures smooth onboarding

According to studies, 20% of all new hires resign within the first 45 days of their role. There are several contributing factors: lack of clarity about the role, unmet expectations from the recruitment process, general lack of communication from the new employer. Many of these factors can be removed with an engaging and inclusive onboarding process. Candidates have an emotional momentum when they decide to make the step to become part of your company — it is essential to keep this momentum going until and beyond their starting date.

3 Empowering virtual teams

How long should onboarding last? Firstly, onboarding should not be confused with orientation e.g. access to collaboration tools, providing necessary legal documentation etc. Realistically, onboarding should last at least 12 months. In a work culture with an inadequate onboarding process, higher attrition will be a result and the employer will not be able to establish a working environment that people feel ingrained to.



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