Beyond Product: Designing a cross collaborative team workflow

All smiles : Tamanna Team from our Dubai office

Setting the sails right : Our Why

A vision of having a collective alignment can sustain to achieve a well thought comprehensive product experience for our customers and stakeholders.

Establishing a new collaborative process can be chaotic in the beginning, especially when creating it with people that haven’t physically met. However, it tends to benefit teams in the long run:

  • It solidifies trust between the team;
  • Teams become well acquainted with each other, their roles, methods, and processes;
  • Promotes transparency and accountability on goals and objectives;
  • Keeps us well informed about the strategy, ever changing behaviours and trends;
  • Keeps us aligned with company vision and OKRs.

Framing the right moment: The How

Team collaboration funnel

01. Organisation Level

  • All hands: Team updates and Aligning expectations
  • Centralising Decisions
  • User centric discussions
Offline & Online Feedback channels : Offline channels to centralise necessary information in one place and Online meet-ups are dedicated to quick reviews, priority tasks and planning
  • Co-creating sessions

02. Group level

  • Fusing Design-Engineering process
Enabling collaborative workflow, by maintaining each teams involvement in different moments of the process. This helps in innovation and detects red flags at an early stage
  • Open feedback channel
  • Group sync
  • Grooming the design system

03. Team level

  • Weekly plannings & update
  • Timely Educational sessions

Looking forward



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